Autonomous Vehicle Management
12 April, 2022

Autonomous vehicles (also known as driverless cars) is an innovation that will transform our mobility system and improve living environment and bring about vast benefits to the people and cities.

We will provide a service model with value-added services to complement the state-of-the art AV technologies for a more positive utilisation and experience for the users:
- On-demand AV shared mobility service for first- and last-mile travel; and
- Entertainment and educational value to enhance mobility experience in the travel and tourism attractions

In addition, we establish AV service operations and management capability to bring about a safer and reliable AV operation in a live environment.

Auto Rider @Gardens by the Bay

The Auto Rider brings you a new experience of travelling around Gardens by the Bay in a driverless autonomous vehicle. Shuttling between Bayfront Plaza (near to MRT station) and the conservatories (Flower Dome and Cloud Forest), the fully air-conditioned, autonomous vehicle also boasts a state-of-the-art transparent film technology that incorporates light effects and projects artistic images onto the windows during the night time.


Our Partners:

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  • community mobility, intercity buses, autonomous vehicles
  • MaaS platform, Self-Driving vehicle, ASEAN bus booking system
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"Tickets can be purchased via the mobile app Auto Rider @ Gardens by the Bay or through the self-ticketing kiosks at bayfront plaza and flower dome"


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Autonomous Vehicle @Jurong Lake Gardens

WILLERS embarked on the operation and management of an autonomous vehicle in Jurong Lake Gardens (JLG) from 3 December 2020 in collaboration with the National Parks Board (NParks) and ST Engineering to study and understand the feasibility of using autonomous vehicles as a People Mover System at JLG for longer route commuting and mobility solutions.


Our Partners:

autonomous vehicles, driverless vehicle
  • Self-Driving vehicle, on-demand vehicle
  • MaaS platform, community mobility
  • maas singapore, community mobility, on-demand shared bus
  • ASEAN bus booking system, autonomous vehicles


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