WILLERS PTE. LTD. Privacy Policy

WILLERS PTE. LTD. regards it very important to protect the personal information and privacy of its customers and, in order to respect them and give appropriate protection while conducting its business, the company has established following Privacy Policy:

Regarding Our Privacy Policy

In order for WILLERS PTE. LTD. to conduct our primary business of travel arrangement and related business, WILLERS PTE. LTD. (‘We’) understand the importance of the protection of personal information (‘Personal Information’) of our customers (‘You’; ‘The Customer’). We will handle all such information in an appropriate manner as outlined in our privacy policy below.

This privacy policy will explain the collection and handling of Personal Information provided by our customers to WILLERS PTE. LTD.. Please carefully read through this privacy policy if you intend on using our products or services. By using the products and services provided by WILLERS PTE. LTD., it will be deemed that the user has carefully read and understood the contents of this privacy policy.

Regarding Range of Applicable Information

This privacy policy applies to all Personal Information you provide to us in order to use our products and services.

Regarding Voluntary Nature of Personal Information

You are able to choose whether or not to provide your Personal Information to us, and it may be necessary for you to provide information such as your name and address when registering or booking with us in order for us to provide our service to you. If there is any specific Personal Information which you do not wish to provide to us, then please do not enter that information. Should you choose to withhold any Personal Information in such a way, then the service you receive may be affected, and you may not be able to access or receive all or part of the products and services that we provide.

If you provide Personal Information to us, you should again confirm the company’s policy on the handling of Personal Information, and provide consent or denial when you are prompted to on the website.

You may withdraw your consent at any time. However, the withdrawal of consent will not affect the legality of the management of data by us previous to the withdrawal of consent.

Regarding Handling of Personal Information

WILLERS PTE. LTD. will strictly manage all information you provide to us and will use it only for the purposes listed in this privacy policy. Other than in the cases listed further below, we will not disclose any Personal Information to any third party. In the case that Personal Information is provided to our affiliate companies, service providers, partners etc within the scope necessary to provide you with the services you have applied for, we will not disclose or provide your Personal Information to any third party.

We have contracts with all our business partners to make sure the handling of your Personal Information is strictly handled under the exact same policies WILLERS PTE. LTD.

We may disclose your Personal Information:
  • If you provide permission for us to release the information.

  • In the case that the release of the information is permitted by law.

  • In the case that a person’s life, person or assets are in danger and it is difficult to receive consent from the subject of the Personal Information.

  • In the case that we are requested to release the Personal Information to cooperate with national or local public authorities in pursuing their public duties and in which obtaining the consent of the subject of the Personal Information may impede the execution of such affairs.

  • In the case that data is shared as statistical data and the subject of the Personal Information cannot be identified.

Regarding Information We Can Obtain
  • Information needed to register for the service or to make bookings, such as your name, address, telephone number, email address, credit card details etc

  • Information for our customer surveys, such as your preferences and motivations for using the service.

  • Information related to website access, such as domain name, access time, browser type etc.

Regarding Purpose of Us

WILLERS PTE. LTD. will use collected personal information for the purposes outlined below.

  • For the distribution, arrangement and management of the services for which you have applied.

  • To communicate information to you by means of printed matter, email or other forms of communication.

  • For statistical and analytical purposes in order to improve our products and services, in which case the subject of the Personal Information is no longer individually identifiable.

  • For marketing purposes.

Regarding Usage of Cookies and Custom Audience Features for Promotional Purposes About Cookie Usage

We use several internet promotional services, and may use cookies provided by third party providers.

What are ‘Cookies’?

A cookie is a small piece of data generated by a web page server and stored on your computer, which retains data such as browsing behavior and usage data. The next time you access the webpage, it will read the data in the cookie and may affect what displays on the webpage. If the settings on your browser allow cookies to be sent and received, the website will receive a cookie from your browser. To protect your privacy, your browser will only send cookies sent and received by that particular website’s server.

Why We Use Cookies

We use cookies for the purposes outlined below. There may also be cases where third party advertising distributors save or refer to our cookies when outsourcing advertising.

In order to provide you with a customized service when you are logged in based on the information you provided to us when you registered with our website.

To provide the most appropriate advertisements to you on other websites based on what your interests are and the websites that you visit.

To survey the traffic and access volume of the website.

To improve the services we offer.

In the interest of security, we may encourage you to reenter your password (re-authentication) after a certain period of time has passed.

Regarding Customer Cookie Settings

You are able to choose from a variety of options such as ‘Allow all cookies’, ‘Disable all cookies’ and ‘Notify me when a cookie has been set’ from your browser. Changing your cookie settings will differ depending on your browser. To find out more about the cookie settings for your browser, please check your browser’s ‘help’ section.

To learn about how cookies are used on Google, please check the following page http://support.google.com/ads/answer/2662922?hl=en

Please be aware that by disabling all cookies, you may be subject to restrictions on various services on the internet, such as not being able to receive services which require authentication.

Regarding Use of Custom Audience

We make use of features known as ‘Custom Audience’, which allows us to customize the advertisements you see on services such as Facebook and Twitter (hereinafter, ‘Facebook etc’). It also allows us to understand the usage of our advertisements on such sites.

What is Custom Audience?

We use the Custom Audience feature which will use the information you used to sign up to our service and compare it with data registered on Facebook etc. The data can then be used to personalize the ads you see on Facebook based on the websites you are registered with. Facebook etc cannot use this feature to access your Personal Information which you have provided to us.

Opting out of Twitter’s Custom Audience program

If you want to opt out of Twitter‘s Custom Audience Program, then please do so via the following http://business.twitter.com/en/help/troubleshooting/how-twitter-ads-work.html

Regarding Correction of Information and Withdrawal of Consent

If you would like to correct any of the personal information we hold about you, please log in to the website and you can correct the information from your ‘My Page’ section.

If you would like to withdraw your consent to us handling your personal information, then please log in to the ‘My Page’ section of the website, click on ‘Membership Cancellation’ and follow the steps. Please be aware that once you cancel your membership with us, you will no longer be able to use all or part of the services offered.

Regarding Amendments to Our Privacy Policy

Due to various circumstances, we may partially change, modify, add to or delete from the above Privacy Policy, in which case we will post notices on the website. Unless otherwise indicated, all changes in the Privacy Policy will be effective from when the new version is posted on this website.

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