Leveraging on WILLER Inc Group vast experiences in the development, management and marketing of online transport and travel booking system in Japan, WILLERS Pte Ltd develops and operates an online bus booking and travel website through collaborations and partnerships with industry players to serve the Southeast Asia region. We make use of IoT to collect and analyse the data to gather insights so as to better contextualise the desires of the users and to develop new services.

Inter-city and cross-border land transport such as highway express buses, first and last-mile shuttle buses and taxis can be booked through our system, in addition to various tickets for places of interests and hotel reservations for the tourism industry.

In addition, we also developed our very own and unique express bus seats through our strong understanding of the user needs and desires since 2006 to provide peace of mind and comfort to the passengers while travelling on our buses.

Online Mobility Booking Platform

We welcome intercity bus operators and other transport and travel operators in the Asia Pacific region who are keen to partner with us or to market your products and transport/travel services using our online marketing platform to contact us.

Express Bus Seats

WILLER Inc Group has developed more than 15 types of unique, comfortable and safe seats since 2006 for the different target market segments and usage in Japan and plans to introduce these in the Southeast Asia region.

  • Express Bus Seats
  • Express Bus Seats
  • Express Bus Seats