We believe that Mobility-as-Service (MaaS), which put users at the core of the transport services, can solve various societal and mobility challenges in the world by taking away the stress that comes with mobility. But this requires a paradigm shift from the current conventional way of using transport.

WILLERS Community Mobility Service centred on the MaaS concept and aim to fill in the gap of existing transport services to provide an integrated demand-responsive and flexible shared mobility services that are affordable and personalized for users within a community to fulfill their travelling needs and desires.

Get unlimited rides within our designated service areas!

mobi is an on-demand shuttle service with a hassle-free monthly subscription plan for unlimited rides for the local community. Book a ride via the app and mobi will be there within 10-15 minutes (on average) to pick you up to your destination!

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Willer MaaS Innovation Pyramid
Social Innovation
  • Free from needing to own cars.

  • Change people’s lifestyle

  • Fulfilling and stress-free society

Business Innovation
  • Development of new business by utilizing
    transportation platform. (Infrastructure)

Infrastructure Innovation
Transportation platform ( Owned Car < MaaS) Transportation platform
( Owned Car < MaaS)
  • Existing transportation + new mobility service

  • Building foundation of transportation platform
    which is made by integrating various
    transportation service

Mobility Use Case according to travel distance and purpose
  • First- and last-mile transportation

  • City / Urban transportation

  • Mid to Long distance travel


Bicycle Sharing

Small-sized shared mobility transport

On-demand Autonomous Bus


Autonomous Robo-taxi

On-demand Shuttle bus