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What is mobi

mobi is a first and last mile AI on-demand shared shuttle service within a designated area with hassle-free fixed price monthly subscription plan. Book a ride via the app and mobi will be there to pick you up to your destination on-demand with the most optimal route determined by AI technology.

An eco friendly share transport for the community, now you can enjoy easy access for every day travel locations or leave your car behind for short distance travel within the area. Conveniently covering the distance which may be too far to walk but too near to drive or hail a taxi, try this new mobility today.

For your every day travel needs

  • man wave goodbye to wife and children to leave for work man wave goodbye to wife and children to leave for work

    Access from home to public transportation stations (first and last mile travels)

  • mobi mobi

    Pick up and send off children to schools, enrichment centers or tuitions

  • mobi mobi

    Regular visits to amenities like supermarket, fitness centers or beauty salon

  • mobi mobi

    Family bonding activities like eating out, leisure or outdoor activties together

Operation area

Following the launch of mobi service in Japan (Kyoto Tango and Shibuya Tokyo areas) since June 2021, mobi is now in Singapore with its first operation area in Orchard-River Valley-Robertson Quay-Newton area.

The designated area makes for efficient sharing and more than 120 virtual mobi stops (covering condominiums, public transportation stations, tuition centers, shopping malls and many other amenities) has been made available for easy accessibility. Just walk a mere 100-200m to the nearest mobi stop and hop on for a ride.

Orchard-River Valley-Robertson
Quay-Newton area

Mondays to Sundays
08:30am to 10:00pm

Price plan

From pay-per-use to the various fixed price ticket bundles, you can select the plan that suits your lifestyle and travel needs the most. No matter you live within the area or only travel around occasionally for specific purposes, mobi can help make your travel more convenient.

Pay per use

Suitable for users who prefer a commitment free option

1 ride ticket S$5 per ride

Good for users (individual user) who ride LESS THAN 2 trips (4 rides) per month

Monthly fixed price subscription plan

Suitable for users who are looking for an affordable every day transport

Suitable for users who frequently ride with their family

5 ride tickets S$19/ month (S$3.80 per ride)

Good for users (individual user) who ride MORE THAN 2 trips (4 rides) per month

10 ride tickets S$35/ month (S$3.50 per ride)

Good for users (individual user) who ride MORE THAN 4 trips (8 rides) per month

20 ride tickets S$59/ month (S$2.95 per ride)

Good for users (individual user) who ride MORE THAN 6 trips (12 rides) per month

50 ride tickets S$99/ month (S$1.98 per ride)

Good for users (individual user) who ride MORE THAN 10 trips (20 rides) per month

More details about monthly fixed price subscription plans :
  • 1. All ride tickets will be valid for 30 days from the plan start date. You can specify your preferred start date when subscribing to a plan.
  • 2. Remaining ride tickets (if any) from the first month can be brought forward to the following month. However, the remaining tickets will be forfeited if unused in the following month or when the subscription plan is terminated.
  • 3. After subscribing to a plan, you will gain access to the top up function. You can top up and buy additional tickets, as and when you need them only. Kindly note that top up tickets will not be on automatic renewal.
  • 4. All members should subscribe to 1 plan only. There should not be multiple plan subscriptions at any time.
  • 5. If your spouse or child wants to book mobi via their own smartphone, they should subscribe to a plan under their own account.

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Tanglin Mall

Valid from 1 till 30 September 2022

Visit Tanglin Mall with mobi and walk away with S$5 Great Rewards eVoucher (limited to first 200 redemptions only)

How to join :

  • Step 1: Open mobi app
  • Step 2: Book a ride to/ from mobi stop “JEN SG Tanglin (Near Tanglin Mall)”
  • Step 3: Show your mobi ride history at Tanglin Mall Customer Service Counter, Level 3 (beside W Optics) to redeem S$5 Great Rewards eVoucher

New to mobi? Download mobi app and key in referral code “SGT09221” to redeem 4 free rides to Tanglin Mall and more locations in city center.

  • 1. Both the 4 free mobi rides and S$5 Great Rewards eVoucher are limited to first 200 redemptions only. Limited to 1 redemption per member only.
  • 2. Only valid mobi members (with member verification completed) can redeem the free rides.
  • 3. Only completed rides to the designated mobi stop "JEN SG Tanglin (Near Tanglin Mall)" in September will be valid for Great Rewards eVoucher redemption. Cancelled or bookings in other months will not be applicable.

Ride in 4 simple steps

Quick, simple and easy, all it takes is just 4 steps to get started. Download the mobi app and instantly book your first ride today.

Customer Review

Why choose mobi

With features such as AI routing, running on-demand and sharing with the community, mobi makes for an efficient, eco friendly and affordable mobility option conveniently covering the distance which may be too far to walk but too near to drive or hail a taxi. A mobility customized based on the needs of its community, mobi is a new mobility like no other.



Make a booking via the mobi app when you need a ride. The AI technology will determine the most optimal route based on traffic conditions, existing bookings etc to best pick and send you to your destination on-demand.



With more than 120 virtual stops available in the area, you can easily access to tuition centers, shopping malls, public transportation stations or other amenities from your condominium. Just open the mobi app to locate the nearest virtual mobi stop from you. No matter where you are going, just walk a mere 100-200m to hop on the mobi shuttle and be on your way.



Say goodbye to peak hours or demand responsive surcharges with mobi. Now, you can ride affordably with the hassle free fixed price monthly subscription plan by sharing mobi shuttle with people in the same community.



Operated by designated drivers with familiar faces, mobi is a safe transport option even for children or elderly. Educated and trained to follow the Japan safety and customer service standards, our drivers practice safe drving and good hospitality to ensure you have an enjoyable journey every time.

mobi | the new first and last mile AI on-demand shared shuttle service for your frequent travel in the area

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