WILLERS conducts an autonomous vehicle workshop for Japan delegations from J.CLAIR Singapore
25 August, 2022

WILLERS has conducted an autonomous vehicle workshop for the Japan delegations from Japan Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (J.CLAIR) on 25 August 2022. The first part of the half-day workshop begins with WILLERS representative Mr. Alan Quek (General Manager, Global Business Development) addressing the importance of sustainable mobility solutions and the significance they play in overcoming today's transportation challenges in the Singapore landscape. He also introduced the milestone WILLERS journeyed in its initiatives in commercializing autonomous vehicles and on-demand mobility in Singapore, Japan, and Vietnam, together with future plans for expansion into the ASEAN region. The entire presentation was delivered in English with the assistance of a translator. In the Q&A session, the delegations were engaged and they managed to gain understanding into many industry knowledge and details from the speaker.

The workshop concluded with a ride on the Auto Rider (a commercialized autonomous vehicle service) that WILLERS has operated in Gardens by the Bay since October 2019. The Japan delegations expressed their excitement for the rare opportunity to have a first-hand experience on a Level-3 autonomous ride. The rides were accompanied by a safety operator from WILLERS, who explained in detail how the vehicle uses radars and lidars cameras to navigate on road or detect obstacles along its route.

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