MaaS Meeting 2021 - The acceleration of MaaS in the new normal !
09 February, 2021

Japan, 09 February 2021 - "MaaS is accelerated in the new normal," said Mr Shigetaka Murase, CEO of WILLER Inc (Japan). The MaaS Meeting 2021 will be held on 9th March 2021 (Tuesday) in Keihanna Plaza, Japan, following its first meeting in 2019. On 5th (Friday) to 9th (Tuesday) March 2021, overseas case studies will be conducted online under the title of "MaaS Meeting World."

The new normal has brought about huge changes in how people live and work, resulting in various behavioral changes. The new reality, fusion of work and living space, and decentralization in the new normal see a great need in new mobility. In addition, technologies for autonomous driving, AI routing, and EVs have reached maturity for practical use. From now on, we will enter the phase of progressing them into safe and secure services, and subsequently introducing them to the society.

In MaaS Meeting 2021, discussion sessions and presentations will be conducted, centered on themes in relation to the role of MaaS in overcoming this pandemic, how it can add value in people’s everyday life as well as it’s sustainability.

In part 1, we will have experts from their respective field to discuss on topics such as how decentralization will change the way people work, and how education, medical care, and nursing care challenges persisted in rural areas even before the pandemic, as well as what will be required in the future to overcome these challenges.

In part 2, we will hold the Smart Mobility Challenge Symposium in Kansai region to introduce examples of MaaS and smart mobility initiatives in Japan. In addition, our pre-recorded MaaS Meeting World will showcase contents about smart cities, autonomous driving, on-demand transportation etc., delivered by overseas MaaS companies.

In part 3, WILLER will present concepts as well as new services to be implemented in 2021 on how "Community Mobility can add value in people’s everyday lives", the opportunity we foresee, as well as plans for the upcoming five years.

This is a complimentary event, and we welcome all interested parties. For offline participation, all safety measures will be adhered to at the event venue. Online broadcast will also be available. Through this event, we hope to provide a platform and opportunity to enhance MaaS collaboration.

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