―MaaS Meeting 2022― New mobility services and Mobility-as-a-Service post-Covid
07 February, 2022

The “MaaS Meeting 2022” conference by WILLER Inc. is back for its third year. Held online on 7th and 8th February 2022, this year 26 speakers from multiple companies and sectors came together to share insights and discuss innovative solutions around Mobility-as-a-Service in Japan post-Covid.

On day 1, representatives from mobility companies offering AI on-demand transportation services introduced their respective solutions, its benefits as well as the potential these solutions can bring upon commercialization. Mr. Shigetaka Murase, CEO of WILLER Inc. (Japan) who announced the launch for WILLER’s on-demand shared mobility service "mobi" a year ago in the “MaaS Meeting 2021”, followed up by sharing the varying operation models the company conducted in urban and local landscape throughout different prefectures in Japan, together with its findings on users' behavior with this new mobility.

On day 2, the conference went beyond discussion on transportation and mobility, whereby speakers from other sectors such as communication, sports, community etc joined in to input macro perspectives on the potential and possibilities they foresee when synergy between transportation and other sectors are achieved.

Overall, speakers shared positive expectations for Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) in Japan. Progressing from concepts to demonstrations and trials, the next phase of commercialization can be anticipated in the near future for the solving of existing social challenges to realize a more sustainable society in Japan.

Before ending the 2-days conference, Mr. Shigetaka Murase, CEO of WILLER Inc (Japan) shared the company's aim in realizing a sustainable society through providing new mobility solutions and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS). Starting from infrastructure innovation like mobility services, WILLER aims to bring upon business innovation through collaboration and synergy with other sectors, to subsequently bring upon social innovation.

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