Start of operation : Shibuya “mobi (AI on-demand mobility service)” !
Shibuya, Japan
01 July, 2021

Shibuya (Japan), 1 July 2021 – Mr Shigetaka Murase, CEO of WILLER Inc (Japan) has announced the start of “mobi” operation in Shibuya. A mobility service that provides near instant pick-ups with unlimited rides at a monthly flat rate targeted for families, this AI on-demand shared service is created based on the “community mobility” concept, where people connect and form communities.

With the increase of short distance travel in the new normal, “mobi” acts as an alternative to cars or bicycles covering the “2km radius from home” area. Flat rate subscription eliminates financial stress, and family members have unlimited access to “mobi” for various usage, which contributes in the improve of lifestyle quality. For example, father uses “mobi” to train station or bus stop to commute to work, mother uses “mobi” after work to pick children up from school, shop for grocery, or send children to tuition centre, and grandparents use “mobi” to gather with friends or for hospital check-ups.

What is more, “mobi” is a flexible, customizable service where people from the same town can come together to create a “new shared mobility service” according to their wants and needs. A shared service within a community means, people of the same lifestyle and values enjoying convenient shared transportation access, with a minimal monthly fixed rate. Furthermore, customization features allow users in the community decide how the service should be structured for their utmost convenience, from requesting for new pick-up drop-off points, sharing of event information and etc via this service and platform.

5 main features of “mobi”:

① Near instant pick up, to wherever you want to go, within the specified area
② AI routing identifies the optimal route to your desired location, based on the booking and traffic condition
③ Unlimited rides for a flat rate of 5,000 yen (about S$61) per month
Up to 6 members living under the same household can register, and only 500 yen (about S$6) per month will be charged for any additional member
(Example, the total rate for a family of 3 will be 6,000yen (about S$73) per month, which is equivalent to only 2,000yen (about S$24) per person for one month usage)
④ Simple, easy to use mobile apps for booking
⑤ Drivers with familiar faces so that children and elderly feel more secure using the service

Besides flat rate subscription, pay per ride or free pick-up drop-off service for restaurant or tuition centers’ members is also made available. This ensures convenient access for both first time visitors as well as residents and frequent users in the city.

With the introduction of this stress-free, life-enriching mobility service, WILLER aims to promote and increase outing opportunities for better interaction among families and community, as well as contribute to city revitalization in Japan. Beyond Japan, WILLER is simultaneously looking to expand the “mobi” service to cater to different needs in the ASEAN region.

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