“Mobi (AI on-demand mobility service)” officially operating in Kyoto Tango city!
Kyoto Tango city, Japan
30 June, 2021

Kyoto Tango City (Japan), 30 June 2021 – Mr Shigetaka Murase, CEO of WILLER Inc (Japan) has announced the official start of operation for the new AI on-demand mobility service by the name "mobi". A mobility service that picks you up almost instantly with unlimited number of rides available within the area with a monthly flat rate, “mobi” service is based upon the “community mobility” concept, where people connect and form communities.

An alternative to using car or bicycle to travel within the area, "mobi" creates more opportunities for users of all age group to travel anytime, anywhere within the “2km radius from home”.

Today, private cars are indispensable in daily life for purposes like commuting, shopping, and hospital checkups etc. in rural areas in Japan. With the introduction of "mobi", stress on having to rely on family members for transfers, or financial burden on having to own two or more private cars in one family can be greatly reduced. In addition, elderly can enjoy outings as frequently as they want, even after returning their driving license.

"Mobi" is the first mobility service made available within the “2km radius from home” area. Besides convenience, this service will be life enriching as it is economical and saves time. Different members in one family can use “mobi” for various scenarios: for example, father uses “mobi” to train station or bus stop to commute to work, mother uses “mobi” after work to pick children up from nursery school, shop for grocery, or send children to tuition center, and grandparents use “mobi” to gather with friends or for hospital checkups. With the reduce of stress in travel, time and money, quality of life will be greatly improved. Furthermore, collaboration with local companies and stores can bring in more visitors to the city, and more people may consider migrating if they can live comfortably outside the city area without needing to own a private car.

5 main features of “mobi”:

① Near instant pick up, to wherever you want to go, within the specified area
② AI routing identifies the optimal route to your desired location, based on the booking and traffic condition
③ Unlimited rides for a flat rate of 5,000 yen (about S$61) per month
Up to 6 members living under the same household can register, and only 500 yen (about S$6) per month will be charged for any additional member
(Example, the total rate for a family of 3 will be 6,000yen (about S$73) per month, which is equivalent to only 2,000yen (about S$24) per person for one month usage)
④ Simple, easy to use mobile apps for booking
⑤ Drivers with familiar faces so that children and elderly feel more secure using the service

WILLER strives to expand this service nationwide, and subsequently in the ASEAN region to provide a stress-free mobility service, boost opportunities for short distance travelling, increase interaction between family members and community, as well as revitalize local communities. Beyond transportation, “mobi” will contribute in the creation of a better city where everyone will enjoy living 10 years from now on.

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