First long-term autonomous vehicle pilot trial in city center of Japan
Nagoya, Japan
07 June, 2021

The Aichi Prefecture announced this fiscal year that it will officially conduct autonomous vehicle pilot trials on public roads near Tsurumai in Showa Ward, the center of Nagoya. Aichi Prefecture Governor, Mr. Omura said: "We will conduct trials around Tsurumai, a main road in the city center for approximately three months to learn how autonomous vehicles can best co-exist with other vehicles on the road".  

The route whereby the autonomous vehicle will be operating will connect the JR Tsurumai Station, Nagoya Institute of Technology, and Aeon Town Chikusa. This pilot trial will start in August for a period of three months.

According to the prefecture, this will be the first time in Japan whereby an autonomous vehicle pilot trial is conducted on a busy road in the city center for such a long period of time.

WILLER Inc. (Japan) is in-charge of the overall management, together with ST Engineering who supports technical and technology consultation, BOLDLY (previously known as Softbank Drive) managing the vehicle settings, and Meitetsu Bus Company who will act as the operator for this pilot trial.

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