WILLERS and Singapore Institute of Technologies' Industry-Academia collaboration
12 March, 2021

WILLERS Pte. Ltd. (WILLERS) and Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) have come together to forge an Industry-Academia collaboration for the third-year Telematics Course students. The workshop was conducted on the 12th and 19th March 2021 in Gardens by the Bay, where more than 50 final year students were given the opportunity to participate in workshops designed and organised to deepen their understanding regarding future mobility landscape and autonomous vehicle (AV) operation.

They were given insights in operationalising AV commercial service including its daily operation to safety and security, as well as works and preparations that go behind the scene. After that, the young talents had the opportunity to board the Auto Rider, a commercial autonomous shuttle service within the Gardens. It was a first experience for most of them.

This Industry-Academia collaboration aims in inculcating students with better academic engagement and development. Industry-based sharing complementing theoretical knowledge accelerates students’ skill development, enhances their industry exposure as well as promotes participation and engagement via live learning. We hoped these robust pools of talents gain some practical know-how through this short session to graduate with a holistic view of specialisation.

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