Autonomous vehicle trial in Tokyo transports passengers and food deliveries
Toshima Ward, Tokyo (Japan)
10 March, 2021

WILLER Inc. (Japan) is conducting a trial on public roads in Toshima Ward, Tokyo using autonomous vehicle from 10th to 16th March 2021. This is the company’s first demonstration in the urban area of Japan, following their trial in public roads in Keihanna, Japan and the operation of two commercial bus routes in Gardens by the Bay and Jurong Lake Garden, Singapore.

One of the unique features of this trial is the combined route search function on WILLER app, which allows users to search for public transportation and autonomous bus at the same time. In addition to passenger transportation, food delivery services can also be conducted using this self-driving bus.

The purpose of this trial is to study the needs and effectiveness of this new mobility service based on the needs of the area, as well as understanding its challenges and business viability.

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