WILLERS’ Mission

Up to now, revolutions in “mobility” resulted in a shift in the history of mankind.

In the 18th century, owing to the spread of steam locomotive and steam ships, the cost and duration of land and sea transportation were reduced. In turn, productivity increased dramatically.

In the 20th century, owing to the spread of airplanes, it became more convenient to move across borders, which promoted globalization.

At the background of these revolutions in “mobility” were technological innovations, such as steam engines and aviation technology.


Today, the world of “mobility” is undergoing a technological innovation that happens once every 100 years: multiple technology-based revolution.

Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electronic. Mobility as a Service.

Will we be leading this change, or will we be engulfed in it?

We want to lead.


Through the use of cutting edge technology, we aim to deliver services that are not just “simple” and “convenient”, but also provide “comfortable” and “inspiring” travel to more travellers.


Through mobility, we aim to deliver new experiences and enrich society.

This is what FOR ACCESS ALL encompasses.


Because of mobility, you see scenery you otherwise never would.

Because of mobility, you meet people you otherwise never could.

Because of mobility, more people gain new experiences and attain mutual understanding, resulting not only in economic gains, but also the richness of the mind.


From now onwards, we are moving towards the second stage.

We do not simply take pride in past achievements. Rather, we will seek to create the future.

With the involvement of WILLER GROUP’s entire employees, business partners, as well as each and every single customer, WILLERS embarks on a new chapter.