Vehicle Development and Rental

In order to create a new mobility service, we think it is important to have both a service model idea that realizes the new concept, as well as a vehicle design that revolutionizes past experiences.


WILLER GROUP does not only aim to provide transportation between two points, but also to fulfill both customers’ deeper aspirations for safety as well as customer-desired services through the creation of the new concept “Share Bus”.


In order to expand the bus service based on this new concept, one challenge we faced is to dispel the preconceptions customers have about buses and bus services. For this purpose, we develop our mobility service based on three points: functionality, safety, and visual design of the vehicles.


To date, WILLER GROUP has exchanged views with a large number of customers, as well as collaborated with partner companies with technologies to realize this vision, resulting in various milestones in mobility development. As a result, a new market has been created, with the intercity bus market in Japan catering to an extra 85 to 115 million people compared to 10 years ago.


WILLERS (Singapore) is Technology, Autonomous Vehicle, Sharing, Community. Using these keywords as a base as well as our knowledge and experience in ASEAN, we aim to solve mobility issues in each ASEAN country and develop mobility services to create new markets in the region. In addition, we also deal with the business of leasing and renting of vehicles.

Examples of our product developments:


・13 different types of intercity bus seats

・Restaurant bus (kitchen in the lower deck, restaurant on the upper deck)


・WILLER Vehicle/Chartered Mobility Service