Transportation Safety Consultant

Generally, the decision on which mobility service to use will be based on three criteria: “time (speed)”, “number of people”, and “cost (service quality)”. However, these come only after the most fundamental criterion by which customers’ decision is made: “safety”.


As technology advances, the speed of transportation also increases. As a result, our lifestyle becomes more convenient and comfortable. On the other hand, the risk of accidents also increases.


WILLER GROUP regards it an important societal responsibility of the mobility industry to ensure that this risk remains as close as possible to zero. To achieve this, we have developed continuous educational programs focused on safe driving as well as customer service manners, and a safety operation management system that supports drivers using technology.


WILLERS (Singapore) develops solutions to social issues related to safety in ASEAN countries (traffic congestions, traffic accidents, environmental deterioration, etc.) using knowledge and technology used in Japan.


Some of our works so far:


・Safety education consulting


・Drivers’ health management/FEELythm


・Operation management system/dynamic vehicle management system