MaaS System Development and Rental

We believe that MaaS (Mobility as a Service) can solve various existing societal problems around the world, because MaaS has the ability to take away the stresses that comes along with mobility. MaaS is a concept that has the potential to revolutionize our present travelling style.


In order for MaaS to be successful, we deem it necessary to at first analyze the data of the operation and efficiency of currently existing transportation services. Thereafter, we identify missing segments that are not covered even by improving on existing services, and fill the gap by creating new transportation services.


To gain a grasp on this aggressive project, we established the headquarters in Singapore in 2018. In Vietnam, Taiwan and Singapore, demonstration experiments and trials of new technology-based mobility services have already begun. Additionally, we plan to release an integrated MaaS system allowing users to search and book trains and bus tickets, taxis, rental cars this coming July in Japan.


We have embarked on this project in collaboration with many different companies, with the hope of capitalizing on each company’s strength in an open innovation platform. Our challenge has already begun, but there is still a need for different technologies from different companies. We look forward to and welcome the participation of companies with similar aspirations.



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