WILLERS MaaS and mobi on the Magazine of the Institution of Engineers, Singapore
14 September, 2021

In the efforts towards building a sustainable and inclusive mobility ecosystem, MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) is frequently mentioned when we discuss potential solutions in addressing the persistent and growing mobility challenges today.

Featured in August edition of the Magazine of the Institution of Engineers, Singapore (page 27-29), Mr Alan Quek from WILLERS talks about the company’s take on the concept of MaaS and how they view it as something more than just a smartphone app or transportation mode. Furthermore, he went on to elaborate WILLERS initiatives in MaaS and how technology plays a role in creating an efficient and seamless mobility ecosystem for the future.

Definitely not to be missed, a special introduction on the company’s latest on-demand community mobility service in the name of “mobi”, a user-centric mobility service which is both exciting and refreshing is also included. Currently operating in Shibuya and Kyotango in Japan, mobi plays a pivotal role in tackling the first- and last- mile travel distance and is seen as the solution to today’s mobility and social challenges in rural areas of Japan. Next in the ASEAN region, be sure to look forward to our upcoming "mobi" launch in Singapore and Vietnam soon.

Read more on → https://issuu.com/desmond6/docs/tse_aug_21_web

【Coming soon】 "mobi" in Singapore → https://willerexpress.com/en/maas/mobi/singapore/

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