Nanamobi (autonomous vehicle pilot trial) starts in Nagoya city, Tsurumai area
Nagoya, Japan
18 August, 2021

Nagoya (Japan), 18 August 2021 – From today to 29th October 2021 (Fri), the autonomous vehicle pilot trial in Nagoya city, Tsurumai area starts and runs for a period of two and a half months. With a longer than usual operation period, this trial aims to focus on understanding how the autonomous vehicle operates in an urban environment with other public vehicles, to promote its future adoption and usage in the society.

A project under the Aichi prefecture by the theme “Urban Mobility using Autonomous Vehicle ”, this project aims to construct a socially viable business model for the future. Meitetsu Bus who is a well-known mobility service provider in the area, WILLER who has autonomous vehicle commercial operation experience overseas, Nagoya Institute of Technology who conducts research on community formation, and Aeon Town who is familiar with the needs of the locals, have come together to jointly conduct this trial, each showcasing their respective strength.

3 main features of the pilot trial:
(1) Operation on urban routes which include highways with heavy traffic, to further understand autonomous vehicle operation and verify safety in a mixed traffic environment
(2) Verify the practicality of autonomous vehicle on scheduled route operation
(3) Understand the acceptability for autonomous vehicle among locals, and contribute to the creation of community by operating between popular landmarks over a longer period of time (two and a half months)

Named “Nanamobi", this service name originates from "New Aichi navigate mobility", showcasing the idea and hope whereby this mobility will lead and transform its prefecture into a new Aichi. The symbolic nagoya doll, Nana-chan and the local dialect also takes the same sound. For the vehicle design, it is well thought of and incorporates many local elements, and its appearance is bound to create a sense of connection and familiarity to the people in the area.

This trial aims to verify the practicality and business viability for autonomous vehicle, consider possible future service models, solve social issues such as driver shortages as well as environmental issues and to further improve quality of life.

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